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The Mill Wheel

The Restoration

The Leitir Corn Mill Conservation Project was launched in 2015 with the primary aim of conserving the mill and to work towards re-developing it as a working heritage mill. The overall project is divided into 5 phases:

Mill Kiln.jpg

Phase 01

The stabilization of the mill and drying kiln buildings

This entailed:

  1. Major repairs to the west kiln gable wall.

  2. The mill and kiln roof was replaced, using as much as possible of the original blue Bangor slates as possible.

  3. New floors were installed in the kiln loft and milling floor.

  4. The mill and kiln windows and lintels were replaced or refurbished.

  5. The wood and stone flag floor of the kiln head pit floor was replaced to its original condition.

  6. New stairs were installed in the kiln.

  7. All the beams in the mill were refurbished where necessary.

  8. The miller's house was re-roofed.

Phase 02

River Walk

This consisted of building a new River walk, repair of the head race, mill dam, race sluices and associated landscaping.

Car Park

Phase 03

Car Park

The construction of a new car park and new access route. This phase is about to commence. We are in receipt of Leader funding for this phase. 

Phase 04

Mill Wheel

With the aid of a grant from The Heritage Council (An Chomhairle Oidhreachta) we were able to refurbish the cast-iron and larch waterwheel. 

The repair of the internal machinery e.g. sieves, machinery bearings, bushings, pulley belts and elevator pandies, is ongoing.

image (3).png

Phase 05

Miller's Cottage

This phase will include refurbishing 19th century miller’s cottage to include café and souvenir shop.

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