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The Mill

Gabh siar thar na blianta go dtí an naoú haois déag: foghlaim conas a rinneadh min choirce chothaitheach d'arbhar na bhfeirmeoirí

Step back in time at Leitir Corn Mill and marvel at the ingenuity of 19th-century milling technology. Our mill houses an array of traditional machinery, meticulously preserved to showcase the mechanics of historical oat milling. From the robust millstones to the intricate sieves and elevators, each piece plays a vital role in the milling process that once transformed harvested corn into vital sustenance for the community. Although not currently operational, these machines continue to tell the story of agricultural innovation and the hard work of our forebears.

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  1. Groat Elevator

  2. Corn Cleaning Sieve

  3. Shelling Stone Hopper

  4. Horse

  5. Stone Cover or Vat​

​3,4 and 5 are called the Stone Furniture 

All part of the Historical Corn Mill

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