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Leitir Corn Mill

Muileann Coirce Leitir
Fáilte isteach 

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Is seoid luachmhar dár n-oidhreacht é an muileann seo.

Leitir Corn Mill

Leitir Corn Mill, nestled on the banks of the Glenaddragh River in Kilcar, Co. Donegal, is a traditional corn mill with origins tracing back to the early 19th century. Serving the corn growers of Kilcar and neighboring parishes up until 1954, this mill has been a cornerstone of agricultural life, grinding local corn crops into oatmeal—a staple of the Irish diet. As one of the few mills from this era that has been preserved to this day, Leitir Corn Mill stands as a testament to Ireland’s rich cultural and industrial heritage.

Visitors can explore not only the mill itself but also the miller’s house, the millrace and millpond, and enjoy a scenic walk through the grounds, all of which highlight the mill’s historical significance and its role in the community.

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A Journey Through Time

Leitir Corn Mill, operational since the early 19th century in Kilcar, Co. Donegal, has been a cornerstone of local agriculture, providing milled oats to the community until 1954. Restored in 2014, the mill now stands as a testament to Ireland’s rich milling heritage, offering a window into the past and celebrating the enduring spirit of the region.

Maireann an muileann coirce seo agus an áith, mar shampla tábhachtach d’oidhreacht tionsclaíochta, innealtóireachta agus talmhaíochta an cheantair seo.

Restoring Heritage

The Leitir Corn Mill Conservation Project, initiated in 2015, is dedicated to the restoration and revitalisation of this historic mill into a working heritage site. Our comprehensive restoration is strategically divided into five phases, ensuring each aspect of the mill is carefully preserved and enhanced for future generations.

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Leitir Corn Mill.

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Support the preservation of Leitir Corn Mill by donating today—every contribution helps safeguard our heritage.

Visit the mill


Mill Tour

Experience the historical Leitir Corn Mill up close with our guided Mill Tour. Although the machinery is not currently operational, this tour offers you a unique opportunity to see the authentic 19th-century milling equipment in its original setting. As you walk through the mill, you'll get an insight into the traditional processes that transformed corn into oatmeal, feeding generations and supporting the local economy.


Video Guide

Dive into the rich history of Leitir Corn Mill with our exclusive video presentation. This engaging and informative feature covers the mill’s story from its establishment in the 1800s to its role in the community and the restoration efforts that saved it from oblivion. Watch and learn about the mill’s impact on local agriculture and its cultural significance in Southwest Donegal and beyond.


River Walk

Step outside and explore the Glenaddragh River with our scenic River Walk. This tranquil pathway offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and leads you along the waterway that powered Leitir Corn Mill for over a century. Perfect for visitors of all ages, the River Walk is not just a journey through nature, but also a walk through the history that shaped this region.

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Failte Isteach

Come & Visit

Nestled in the picturesque village of Kilcar in Co. Donegal, Leitir Corn Mill stands as a beacon of history and heritage at our beautiful riverside location. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of nature, or simply in search of a unique day out, our mill offers a serene getaway into the past.




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